Health and wellness policies are adjusted as necessary. Members will be informed as needed.

The health and wellness sanitization has always been included in the daily cleaning procedures at Dance Dynamics. We encourage our members to “think healthy, be healthy” through brain health protocol to do their best in school, home and life. A healthy lifestyle has always been a part of the education provided with the programs at DDPAC.

Dance Dynamics has touch-less hand sanitizers and members/students will enjoy our “Washy Washy” song to use as a guide for hand washing! Physical distancing, cleanliness and air purification are always a part of the protocol at our facility and events. We have always taken excellent health seriously and will continue to do so.

We are proud of the air quality at Dance Dynamics with an extensive Air Purifying system. There are three clean air units throughout the 7000 square foot building. HALO-LED adapters have been installed for extra, extra cleaning of the air and to kill viruses.

Please be sure to review these guidelines to help us keep a comfortable environment for members ready to come in for training programs. Top Ten!

  2. Please use your own judgement and comfort to attend our facility.
  3. It is important to recognize the required physical distance in our classroom and waiting area to be sure we are keeping a safe environment.
  4. No open food or drink. Water / Non sugar, clear type drinks in your own container are encouraged. Any containers left at the studio will be thrown away. (This is not a new rule.) Food may be consumed outside the facility please or contained as space is available in the members kitchen.
  5. Must wear proper shoes and appropriate dance attire. No bare legs, no bare midriffs. (That’s not a new rule.) Only dance shoes are used on the dance floors.
  6. We continue to research safety for our members, physical and brain health as well as being knowledgeable of members making choices best for their health.
  7. Of course we know you will wash hands and sing our “Washy Washy” song in your best voice… in your head, and make smart choices for the health and benefit for all people.
  8. We will remain cautious, as we always have, so we continue to provide a safe and clean environment for families and staff comfort. Think well. Be well.
  9. Please respect our facility. We have extensively researched to serve our membership. Our families will make their best decisions for their child. If you do not agree, we understand and recommend you do not enroll in membership until you are comfortable.
  10. We respect individual comfort levels and choices. We encourage our members to be absolutely confident of yourself and others.