What makes Dance Dynamics different from other area dance studios?2020-09-19T17:44:58-04:00

Dance Dynamics was built on a positive reputation in the community. The instructors are all experienced in entertainment and education. (check out the brief instructor bios) They have personally lived the life of being a dedicated dance student. The are compassionate yet firm in their teaching methods. Dance Dynamics has been in the community since 1982. Prior to opening, the owner Miss Dori, had been a dance instructor in the Walled Lake area since 1975 where she rented space and held dance classes twice a week. She also had experience teaching in the Detroit Metropolitan area since 1972. There are teachers and employees at Dance Dynamics who were a part of dance with Miss Dori since 1975. This represents a long term commitment to dance education and to the community. The instructors have longevity with Dance Dynamics. There are specialty teachers who have been in the family for 3 or more years. Dance Dynamics will add new instructors to the staff each year to add something new to the programs. Dance Dynamics students are sought after weekly for events and jobs throughout the community and nation. Dance Dynamics was created to make a positive difference in the Lakes Area Community! The legacy continues to live strong.

What is recreational dancing?2020-09-19T17:47:21-04:00

Recreational dance at our studio is for students who are taking one or more classes per week just for fun. They love class and it is used for exercise and social fun.

What opportunities are available for recreational dancers?2020-09-19T17:48:17-04:00

All students at Dance Dynamics are recognized for opportunities. Students in the recreational program have been used for professional print ads, community events and are invited to participate in any extra workshop or dance education that arises. Recreational students have also been cast in area professional Nutcracker performances and in Musicals produced in the community.

What opportunities are available for dancers who want to dance more seriously?2020-09-19T17:52:50-04:00

Dance Dynamics provides endless opportunities for students in more serious dance programs. There are multiple levels of programs at Dance Dynamics. Any dancer in any program is welcome to participate, audition and grasp any opportunity. It is important for families to review the Dance Dynamics email communication to be aware of opportunities available. The staff at Dance Dynamics is very resourceful to help students achieve the highest dance and entertainment goals. Students who communicate their desire and then work hard usually see their dreams come true. Students who want quick success will not be interested in studies at Dance Dynamics. The level of students is one of the highest in the country. When a student succeeds to the higher levels at Dance Dynamics they know they are closer to the real world of entertainment.

What do students do after graduation from high school?2020-09-19T17:53:30-04:00

The success rate of the students from Dance Dynamics upon graduation is incredibly high. The students have learned self-discipline, commitment, time management, loyalty and incredible organization. They are accepted into wonderful colleges and universities all over the world. Alumni students are also working in many stage, film and entertainment industries all over the world. Recreational students have a vast array of achievements from working in the nations capitol to running the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, nurses, teachers and wonderful community role models.

What school have students from Dance Dynamics attended?2020-09-19T17:54:09-04:00

Many attend Michigan’s most known universities including MSU, U of M, Wayne State University and WMU as well as smaller colleges for specialized interests. Entertainment career students are accepted into the highest level of programs including: Oklahoma City University, California State University, San Diego State University, Florida State University, Point Park University, University of the Arts, New York University, Pace University and The Juilliard School. They are also accepted in prestigious educational programs across the country including: Ballet Met, Miami City Ballet, Boston Ballet, River North, The Rock School of Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet School, American Music and Drama Academy, New York Film Academy and The Juilliard School. Most all students coming from Dance Dynamics are accepted to these schools and programs on scholarships.

How do you become part of Dance Dynamics?2020-09-19T17:54:38-04:00

Registration for classes happens all year long. The best time to register is April through June for summer classes and June through August for the full season of classes that run from September through May.  You can inquire at any time during the year for special sessions or any class availability.

What is the cost of classes at Dance Dynamics?2020-09-19T17:55:04-04:00

Costs vary all year with different programs. We ensure affordable fun! Rates vary upon levels of dancers, programs and family discounts.

Do you have a registration fee?2020-09-19T17:55:21-04:00

Yes, Dance Dynamics does have a membership fee. Family membership fee covers insurance costs, communication and administration throughout the season.

Do you have a dance recital?2020-09-19T17:55:39-04:00

Dance Dynamics produces a professional show at the end of the season. This is referred to as a “dance concert” but it is treated as a professional show that the students are a part of to display their talent. All students in a recital class are invited to participate in the show but it is not required.

Do parents view the dance classes?2020-09-19T17:56:00-04:00

Dance Dynamics has an in room as available. All other times classes are viewed by a room monitor or virtual opportunity. Viewing classes is very distracting and sometime embarrassing to students trying to learn. Viewing classes virtually or through our in studio monitor serves as a chance for the student to learn without people staring at them. Parents who want to see the progress of a student are able to through the viewing monitors or through virtual opportunities.

Are you a competition studio?2020-09-19T17:56:21-04:00

We are asked this question often. Dance Dynamics is not considered a competition studio. Our students attend competitions for adjudications on their dance ability however there is little emphasis on this. The students at Dance Dynamics are trained to perform and to be wonderful people. There is a difference between performers and competitors. At competitions, Dance Dynamics has had incredible success in their performances. Dance Dynamics chooses difficult competition companies with the highest standards in the United States. In the highest level of expectations, Dance Dynamics usually comes out with the top awards. Currently Dance Dynamics has National competition winners as well as many title-holders. Whenever possible, Dance Dynamics donates trophies or the competition winnings to charities.

What do your professional students do?2020-09-19T17:56:49-04:00

Students who have graduated from DDPAC are incredibly successful adults. Whether it is high level corporate jobs or amazing opportunities in the entertainment industry, our students shine. Doctors, Lawyers, Presidents of companies, Walt Disney Company, Cirque Du Soliel, Radio City Music Hall, MSG Entertainment, Broadway, Tours, Film, Television, Cruise Ships…the list goes on. Look at the NEWS section on our web site. This lists many of the entertainment accomplishments for our students.

Where do people park at Dance Dynamics?2020-09-19T17:57:11-04:00

We have a parking lot for our registered students. It does get congested often. It is best when students are dropped off 5 – 10 minutes before class begins and get picked up 5 – 10 minutes after class is out… the flow of traffic is very good. We stress safety first.

What are your studio hours?2020-09-19T17:57:40-04:00

Our hours vary throughout the season. Give us a call or send an email anytime.

What is in store for the future of Dance Dynamics?2020-09-19T17:58:16-04:00

We hold a bright future. Our Boutique style studio is a legacy in the community. Dance Dynamics grows and shifts as needed through ever community experience. We have teachers deep in ranks and the entire staff is interested in the focus of students and the community. Every year the programs at Dance Dynamics develop. We are always making positive changes to enhance education with the schools and families in the community. Community, Friends, Education.

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Dance Dynamics is a year round performing arts center. Classes offered in the summer are very exciting! Summer dancers have lots of energy and extra enthusiasm! Programs in the summer are designed to give each student a view of many dance styles. Take advantage of all there is to offer!

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