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“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Developing new community leaders. We recognize the Global Youth Initiative and use the iLead methods in our classes. Building self-worth, courage and resilience.

Tiny Stars Classes

Tiny Stars classes are designed for age 2 to 4. Classes are offered all year round. The Tiny Stars class is taught by very experienced instructors who are extremely patient and nurturing for this age. Class includes; balance, coordination, creative movement, self-esteem skills, confidence skills, listening skills, basic dance, public speaking and modeling. The class is excellent to help overall academic skills. Our Tiny Stars program has been evolving since 1982 to grow with the community and educational structures. Tiny Stars is a positive environment to encourage the students to learn and grow. This is an absolutely brilliant program for young students.


Ballet classes begin with Tiny Stars experience at age 3 or beginners may start at age 4. A more accelerated ballet program will begin at about age 7. The “Ballet” style is also included in some of our “variety” or “combination” classes. Instructors include poise, confidence, posture, grace of movement and a technical ballet syllabus which grows with each student. Ballet classes are a progressive class that moves slowly to learn and develop proper technique.


Jazz classes are available for students age 5 and above. The “Jazz” style is also included in some of our “variety” or “combination” classes. Students progress in a jazz class is based on personal growth and abilities. Instructors emphasis style, confidence, posture, personal power, enthusiasm, technical strengths and flexibility. Our jazz dance syllabus is followed for the proper training of our students. Classes are fun and expressive.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are available for age 7 through High School. Carefully designed programs have been created to teach age appropriate movement. Hip Hop classes are recreational and instructors provide aerobic health, personality, confidence and coordination of movement. Classes are fun and social for students. Some “Hip Hop” style is also included in some of our “variety” or “combination” classes.


Tap classes are for age 4 and above. Tap is one of the greatest classes to begin to learn dance. The “Tap” style is also included in some of our “variety” or “combination” classes. The rhythm, balance and coordination taught through tap classes will carry on for a lifetime. Tap is energetic and helps many personal learning skills. The tap sounds are also exciting for students where they can measure their own progress. The tap syllabus is created to encourage balance and coordination skills as a student grows. Instructors build self-esteem and incorporate strong movement in tap classes.


A specialty at Dance Dynamics! Boys classes are taught to improve agility, motor skills, strength, conditioning, coordination and just an all around great class for our guys! Age 3 & above may choose Guys classes and/or combined classes. Our staff works on the masculinity of the male mover and is experienced in training for sports and dance. Dance Dynamics is a comfortable environment for the guys. Our guys are confident they are in the most elaborate training program in the USA! It’s fun, safe and DYNAMIC!


Lyrical classes are for a more experienced student with ballet and jazz training. Proper lyrical dance is expressive and utilizes a beautiful technical physical element. Instructors build from the ballet and jazz syllabus for the lyrical classes. Best for students age 9 and above however, it may be appropriate for younger students should the qualifications be met. The “Lyrical” style is also included in some of our “variety” or “combination” classes.


Pointe is a very structured and a carefully observed discipline of dance. Pointe is generally for a more accelerated student age 12 or above. Students in pointe classes must be proficient in ballet with very strong ankles, legs and core strength. The dancer’s body needs to be strong enough to support the weight bearing on pointe. Taking pointe class before a student is physically, emotionally and developmentally ready can prove dangerous in later years. Pointe classes are supported by a variety of ballet classes and some students may need the support of an additional dance style. The staff at Dance Dynamics is able to help guide parents for the preparation of pointe classes.

Modern / Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary dance is available for more experienced students. The elements of Modern and Contemporary training incorporate ballet and jazz skills. The movement through Modern techniques vary and a complete education of history and style are instructed.


Vocal classes are offered for about 3rd grade and above. Up to about age 12 our vocal classes are monitored carefully as to not over train the voice. In dance, the bodies are trained at young ages to develop technical skills. In voice the training is a little later. There are many opportunities throughout the year for vocal students. The vocal program develops as needed. Our caring instructors build healthy, strong voices and entertainers. Students who are looking to be a performer are advised to train in dance classes and add vocal as additional training. To become a “triple threat” it is advised to train heavily in dance in younger years, add acting and vocal as the performer moves closer to adult years.


Pilates classes are used for the enhancement of all of the above programs. Students in dance classes use Pilates to contribute to their overall training. Pilates classes are available in small group or private lessons. Pilates is available for adults as well as children. The age varies for children based on training and abilities.


Acting classes are available for children, teens & adults. Each class is developed for each age level of student. Acting class explores the elements of theater and development of overall public speaking skills. Students will practice acting games that will help enhance scenes and basic acting skills. Class structure will work on vocal projection, articulation, eye contact, facial expression and gesture while commanding stage presence. Acting classes will include improvisational skills. Students interested in acting for commercials, movies and stage are encouraged to train in as much dance as possible and add acting classes in addition to their curriculum. The two types of classes work well together but a young performer will gain more through dance training with acting enhancement.


Currently, Yoga classes are only offered to advanced training students in a full dance program.


Currently, Ballroom classes are offered to students in the Pre Professional School program or during special workshops and intensives.

Musical Theater

Musical Theater is offered in many of our programs at Dance Dynamics. Musical Theater is a combination of Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Vocal and Acting training. Summer programs focus on a full musical theater experience. The programs are very exciting and educational.


  • Every class at Dance Dynamics is taught to build confidence and self-esteem for students. We want every student to feel like a STAR in anything they do in life. We incorporate modeling, acrobatics and acting when appropriate in classes.
  • Our classes are positive and encouraging. We pride ourselves on an environment open to learning and growing and not judgmental. We encourage our students to shine in their own special way and ability. There is truly something for everyone who wants to be part of a wonderful family atmosphere.
  • Each student has different needs and desires both physically and mentally. Our incredible staff at Dance Dynamics is well versed in education and the development of our students. We individualize every program for the best outcome for each student.
  • DDPAC is a welcoming, inclusive, diverse and accessible facility.
  • Students who want to achieve the highest possible level are able to do so in our recreational programs or in accelerated programs.
  • Students who want more experience and to be part of selected teams are welcome to audition for a variety of opportunities. Our staff will help guide families in the direction that is suitable for their personal desires.
  • Students who want even more and would like to work toward a career in entertainment, you are at the right place. Dance Dynamics continues to have a thriving program for students who want this opportunity. Through careful guidance, dreams can be met.
  • Guys ~ Dance Dynamics has a full program for males. We provide a training program that is used for males in dance, vocal, acting and movement. Our program can enhance a male in sports or take them to the highest level of the entertainment or business industry. Our staff trains the guys appropriately in ALL classes. All children are welcome in all classes.
  • Let us know what you are looking for…we can do it or help you find it.
  • Unadvertised new programs are introduced all year long.
  • Current students will be notified by email of special happenings during the year!
  • Dance Dynamics does not advertise or promote our special offerings.
  • DDPAC is exclusive to the members registered in our program. Dance Dynamics is a private boutique business for enrolled students only.

Enrolling New Students

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New Families, Welcome! Let us know if we can help answer your questions.

Dance Dynamics is a year round performing arts center. Classes offered in the summer are very exciting! Summer dancers have lots of energy and extra enthusiasm! Programs in the summer are designed to give each student a view of many dance styles. Take advantage of all there is to offer!

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