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Established in 1982, Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center offers energetic, creative classes, for children through adult. Our vision is to provide a mindful environment to help students achieve confidence in a healthy, inclusive atmosphere, for a lifetime of success.

We constantly update our programs to meet the needs of our students and their families. Student members are well trained whether they are looking for recreational classes to help their personal development, or a career in the entertainment business. Dance Dynamics attracts staff members who are wonderful role models, with diverse backgrounds in education and experience to help nurture students.

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Dance Dynamics provides personalized in studio training, group instruction as able and we encourage you to enjoy our HOME BASED virtual program. Our home based program is a wonderful way for our students and teachers to share time together and feel connected through dance and conversation. Currently enrolled students are being sent emails with the information.

Children age 2 and above continue to carry the legacy through our wonderful programs. Dance Dynamics is a welcoming boutique style center. Students attending must be registered members. All children are welcome to join our inclusive, diverse and educational opportunities.

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

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Seasonal Tuition

There is something for everyone at any age or ability. Schedules are flexible. Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to make it happen.


This is a great dance studio whether you’re just beginning or have been in dance for years; LOVE the staff!

Suzanne L

Thank you Dance Dynamics for helping me grow to be a better person and dancer.

Laura J

Dance Dynamics has affected my life in many positive ways.  I have met amazing people and have been inspired by many through the studio.  I don’t know where I would be today without the discipline and confidence I have gained from the studio.

Jessica B

Really one of the most professional companies you’ll ever deal with, classy all around and serious about what they do.

Jesse M

We love Dance Dynamics! You can honestly do as much or as little as you want. It is a great opportunity for girls and boys. It is a great place to go if you want to become a professional performer or you can use it to move your body. The teachers and the management are great – they care about each child. We are lucky to have our child go to Dance Dynamics!

Janette U

Dance Dynamics has been a great place for me to learn and grow. I am very fortunate to have had amazing training from wonderful staff and various professional guest teachers in dance, voice and musical theatre. I recognize that the discipline, hard work, determination and skill I have gained from my experiences here has helped me become who I am today, and will help me achieve the future I have been dreaming of. I know that I have grown a lot as a person and an entertainer because of the wonderful people over at Dance Dynamics.

Samantha B

This is a wonderful place for you children to discover and love the gift a dancing and performing. Each child is special no matter if you are just dancing for recreation or on one of the lines.

Kim C

I remember once hearing somewhere someone talking about a teacher who “gave them wings”.  For me, that teacher would be Miss Dori.  I had just graduated college and wanted nothing more to do than “just dance”.  So, I went to speak to Miss Dori about my options and through her, a whole new world had opened.  There is a path for everyone.  If you just follow your heart, you will find happiness!  Thank you Miss Dori for giving me my wings to fly!

Stacy D

My daughter loves this place. Bring your kids they will love it too!

Rochelle H

I didn’t realize how much Dance Dynamics meant to me until I didn’t have the option to go there…I was stage managing a tour that was out on the road for 10 months. I knew within the first few days that Dance Dynamics was where I belonged and that teaching was my passion. The experiences that Miss Dori has taught and shared with me are priceless and I look foreword to many more years of learning and sharing the gift of dance with everyone that walks through these doors.

Kelli L

Tegan loves this place. And they got another “Dynamic Dad.”

John S

Our daughters have been dancing at Dance Dynamics for years. They love it and we are very happy there. The staff is the best!

Jeff P
Its our 7th year at Dance Dynamics and our daughter loves it like it’s her first day at the studio:) Always fresh ideas and changes to make each dance year exciting, fun and new!!!! Great place to grow not only as a dancer but as a person:)
Catherine S

“My first day at Dance Dynamics I was 3 years old and cried my eyes out when my Mom left me for my 1st Pre-dance class. 15 years later I graduated from Dance Dynamics and went to pursue a career in the “tough” entertainment industry. Not too long after my last recital I was “happy” crying as the casting director from Walt Disney World handed me my very first professional dance contract. Everything I had obtained from Dance Dynamics and Miss Dori has carried me to where I am today. It wasn’t just learning how to dance…. Life skills, commitment, dedication, discipline, work ethic…. All the way down to what to wear at an audition or prepare for my biggest school presentation. Dance Dynamics is the best “all around” Performing Arts Center you will find. It will always be my 2nd home and extended family. So when casting directors, producers, and choreographers ask me where I received my excellent training, I am honored to tell them Dance Dynamics!”

Bristol A